Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Work, awards make April a blur

Rumor has it that there was a month of April this year. I have yet to confirm that rumor, and until I do it will remain as nothing more than a rumor.
Just jokes... April was a pretty hectic month around here for just about everyone. Class Week and Spring Fest Week were both phenomenal! The Marathon Monday concert was a hit once again, as Mason, Interstate Flamez and Lasell's own SkyMan tore up the quad on the afternoon of the 16th.  The rain this past weekend held off long enough for Spring Fest to happen exactly as planned. There was a BBQ, inflatables and plenty of competitions.

As for this blog, it was unfortunately neglected while I've been bogged down with research papers, screenplays, presentations and newspaper production to name a few things. However, it's nice to know that your hard work pays off once in a while. I'm told that I'll get a diploma once I finish up all those assignments, but to hold me over I was recognized as the Student Leader of the Year for the 2011-12 school year.

I shared the award with my Co-Editor, Alyssa, and we're both very proud of our personal accomplishments this year, as well as the growth we've seen in the newspaper as a whole. We launched our external website (which you can find here) and told a number of compelling stories, including a couple that were harder to tell.

Though the newspaper was nominated for the Organization of the Year award as well, it couldn't have gone to a more deserving recipient than the Rugby Club.

Other members of the community that were honored at the annual Awards Banquet last week include Mairead VanHeest, the General Manager of dining services at Lasell, who received the yearbook dedication. Elisa Scarsella, the Director of Housing, was recognized with the de Witt spirit award, and Senior class president Kasey Looney received the prestigious Lasell chair.

But, after the banquet it's back to work for everybody, especially me. Alyssa and I left the banquet and headed straight to the final night of layout for the most recent edition of the paper, and I have finishing touches to put on a my capstone paper and final screenplay.

It's still hectic, but I can say for sure that I'm feeling much better than I was this past weekend when I was buried under a pile of work that hadn't been started.

So, what about after graduation?

... I think that's about enough for this week.

Tell me I'm not the only one...